Color inspirations for everyday

Color inspirations for everyday

It is not the eye that sees a room; rather, it is the brain that interprets the room with its capacity for notional description. People’s responses to color are more complicated in everyday life since the subjective perception of color with its own “color language” creates individual associations.

Depending on the level of saturation and contrast in colors, of the brightness and structure, the proportions and period of time the color influences us … and not least of the physical and mental or social state of the perceiver.

Color impressions, associations and the power of words are combined in KALDEWEI’s canon of colors. Creative people find instruments and arguments for their own interpretations of color in the world of water.

Individual color creations

The use of color and light in planning is determined directly by the spatial design principles: they can support the construction of architecture and space by emphasising structural features and the composition of items, by clarifying historic and style issues, and through the ratio between proportions and dimensions.

For designers, this results in a balance between the perception of and response to colors. Psychologically and perceptually, the way designers “dip into” their pots of colors is extremely revealing.

The color world of KALDEWEI enamel is a natural background for individual bathroom color schemes.
The elegant whites, greys and browns of KALDEWEI’s steel enamel finishes are smart and understated in their overall effect on the bathroom design, and thus create a sophisticated and balanced overall impression. They are highly color- and lightfast, and even after many years are still as brilliant and rich as on the first day.

The new Coordinated Colours Collection

  • ancona brown matt
  • arctic white matt
  • catania grey matt
  • city-anthracite matt
  • lava black matt
  • pasadena grey matt
  • pearl grey matt
  • seashell cream matt
  • prairie beige matt
  • maple brown matt
  • woodberry brown matt
  • oyster grey matt