Sustainably hygienic

Regular hand washing is the easiest way to protect yourself and others.
Hygienic surfaces such as our exquisite KALDEWEI steel enamel provide additional safety in this regard. The glass-like surface of the steel enamel leaves no chance for dirt and is particularly easy to clean.

About washbasins made of steel
enamel and optimum hand hygiene

Regular hand washing has long been recognised as the easiest way to protect yourself and others. Everyone can do their bit to contain viruses and bacteria by means of good hand hygiene. Hygienic surfaces on washbasins made of steel enamel provide additional safety in this regard. That is because: Our KALDEWEI steel enamel can be cleaned quickly and easily. This is due to the pore-free, glass surface.


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But that is not all: All KALDEWEI washbasin models are equipped with the easy-to-clean Pearl effect as standard: Dirt and germs are simply washed away with the water when you wash your hands, without any annoying wiping. Independent research confirms the advantages of the material. According to a study by TÜV Rheinland, our enamelled bathroom solutions can be cleaned particularly easily, quickly and without leaving any residues. That is why KALDEWEI products are often chosen not only in private bathrooms, but also in hotel bathrooms or in the bathrooms of clinics, where hygiene is particularly important.

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“Germs and dirt do not stand a chance”

Sanitary professional Sandra Hunke combines two professions that could not be more different: She is a plumbing systems mechanic and is at the same time a model who is much in demand. She often advises her customers on the subject of hygiene.

“Hygiene is a very important issue for our customers. I regularly advise them regarding surfaces and install an incredible number of washbasins,” reports this lady plumber. As a plumbing systems mechanic, she has been using steel enamel for her customers’ bathrooms since starting her career eight years ago.

“For me, steel enamel is the most sustainable material in the bathroom. It is sustainable and long-lasting. And thanks to the absolutely pore-free surface, I can say with a clear conscience: Germs and dirt do not stand a chance here.”

Tips on hand washing

Step 1

Place your hands under running water.


Step 2

Soap your hands thoroughly: the palms of the hands as well as the backs of the hands, fingertips, spaces between the fingers and thumbs; also remember your fingernails.

Step 3

Rub soap into all areas - thorough hand washing takes 20 to 30 seconds. Sing “Happy birthday to you” twice to be on the safe side.

Step 4

Rinse your hands under running water and then dry them carefully.

Step 5

Do not forget to apply hand care.

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