Dream bathrooms
Black and White
Dream bathrooms

Black and White

Soak up some inspiration from our dream bathrooms and get some ideas for your own!

Enjoy planning!


Great contrasts – this bathroom is entirely done out in black and white. This striking bathroom is fitted with a lava black SUPERPLAN PLUS, the CENTRO DUO bathtub and the CENTRO washbasin. The curving interior lines of the washbasin and the bathtub combine with diamond-pattern floor tiles to produce an effective overall look. A unique dream bath for design lovers has been created with superior bathroom solutions and a contrast-rich black-and-white colour scheme.


Black and white – the CENTRO DUO 1 bathtub with its panelling goes perfectly with the colour scheme in this bathroom. Our bathtub in this corner stands out not only for its unique design but also for its superior material: KALDEWEI steel enamel.


In KALDEWEI steel enamel, steel and glass fuse to produce an inseparable bond, each element contributing its material advantages. Steel is robust and resilient, while glass is resistant to chemicals and heat. The formulation was developed by KALDEWEI itself. For long-lasting quality that you will still be enjoying every day in 30 years’ time.


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The luxuriously designed CENTRO wall-hung washbasin fits excellently with the modern black-and-white bathroom design. This washbasin’s lavish surround offers plenty of space for accessories. With its curved interior and the round, enamelled waste cover, it is the perfect counterpart to the bathtub of the same name. They form a “Perfect Match”. Thanks to the integrated easy-clean finish, the washbasin stays beautiful and easy to clean, day in day out.


High-end design, robust and easy to clean – the Centro washbasin offers a number of advantages. All KALDEWEI washbasins come with easy-clean finish as standard. With this finish, water simply rolls off taking virtually all dirt and limescale with it. Even dried-on water marks and limescale residue can be easily removed. Just like our steel enamel washbasins, our easy-clean finish also has a long useful life of 30 years.


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High-end design, robustness and made of a sustainable material – just a few of the CENTRO bathtub’s advantages. A bathtub made of a sustainable material? Yes, it’s a reality with KALDEWEI steel enamel products. Because only natural raw materials go into our KALDEWEI steel enamel. In addition, once they reach the end of their lengthy lifecycle, our products are 100 % recyclable. That means long-term bathroom planning with a clear conscience.


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