Dream bathrooms
Parisian opulence

Parisian opulence

Muted colours, splendid marble and a perfect room design.

In this extraordinary bathroom you will become a king and a queen.


Relax in luxury

With our Meisterstück Classic Duo oval, the archetype of free-standing bathtubs is skilfully staged in this luxury bathroom. With the oval contour and seamless, all-round enamelling made of elegant steel enamel, a monolithic and opulent unit is formed. The masterpiece with two ergonomically pleasantly shaped back rests is suitable for a sumptuous bathroom for two with a view of the luxury metropolis Paris.


Classic Duo Oval

Washbowls with style

An appealing harmony of tradition and modernity has been perfectly achieved here with the KALDEWEI Ming washbasin bowls. The clear marble block in a bright design is, next to the free-standing bathtub in the coloured bathroom, a design element that forms the heart of the room. The gold-coloured accents and luxurious decoration emphasise the perfect combination of the Ming bowl made of steel enamel with high-quality fittings. Our premium product with high, purist design standards can develop its full potential here.


Ming bowl

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