Dream bathrooms
The big city bathroom
Dream bathrooms

The big city bathroom

Soak up some inspiration from our dream bathrooms and get some ideas for your own!

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The space in this Düsseldorf bathroom has been put to optimal use, leaving plenty of space for daily life in all its glorious variety. Who wouldn’t want to start their day here with a hot shower, or relax after work in the bathtub and enjoy the view? A love of detail has given this room a highly personalised look so you can instantly see that the people living here are real extroverts.


And our MEISTERSTÜCK CENTRO DUO 1 LEFT, the floor-level SUPERPLAN shower surface and the CENTRO undercounter washbasin produce a truly special aesthetic, lending the bathroom a timeless elegance.

Simple and extremely elegant – our floor-level SUPERPLAN shower surface is the tranquil highlight in the room. With the huge range of sizes and colours available, you have great flexibility for your design. You can, for example, create a striking contrast with the flooring – as shown here – or you can match the colour with the floor. It’s entirely up to you. With the SUPERPLAN everything is possible. You can also decide if you would like the very latest surface finish. With SECURE PLUS, our shower surfaces come with a completely flat, anti-slip enamel finish. The finish gives you even more safety and, although it’s invisible, it feels pleasant underfoot.

With SECURE PLUS, our shower surfaces come with a completely flat, anti-slip enamel finish.


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This Meisterstück was specially designed for corner installation. This allows you to make optimum use of the available space, yet still gives you the feel of a freestanding bathtub. Meanwhile the rounded corner allows you to make the most of the open floor space. The MEISTERSTÜCK CENTRO DUO is available in a left- and right-hand version, depending on where you wish to place it in the room. That gives you a fantastic overview of your dream bathroom as you relax at your ease in your Meisterstück. Another bonus: thanks to the easy-clean finish, cleaning the bathtub is no problem at all and that makes bathing even more fun!

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The CENTRO washbasin is the perfect fusion of functionality and design. With beautiful, minimalist lines, it is still generously sized and it’s easy to clean. The circular shape is mirrored in the enamelled waste cover. This is a feature shared with the MEISTERSTÜCK CENTRO DUO and the SUPERPLAN shower surface. That produces a real dream team for your dream bathroom, where everything is simply perfectly coordinated.

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The perfect trinity for your bathroom design. Bathtub, shower surface and washbasin made of long-lasting steel enamel. We will be happy to assist you with all the details for creating your dream bathroom. Simply visit a bathroom showroom near you and get inspired! Are you dreaming of a bathroom that’s just bursting with colour? With our Coordinated Colours Collection you’re sure to find your favourite colour. Try it out now and configure your KALDEWEI products.

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The big city bathroom