Dream bathrooms
The Designer Bathroom

The Designer Bathroom

Harmonious colours, inspired by nature. Elegant materials, stylish accessories and exciting highlights. In addition, bathroom objects made of exquisite steel enamel.

Everything fits together perfectly in this dream bathroom!

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A hot bath combined with a calming view of the countryside. Where and how could you end your day in a more beautiful way? Immerse yourself in our CAYONO DUO bathtub made of fine steel enamel and let yourself be inspired by the spacious interior, which offers plenty of room and comfort. Thanks to the centrally positioned waste, bathing for two is also easily possible. By the way, you can still relax after bathing - thanks to our easy-to-clean material, cleaning is child’s play. 


Cayono Duo

Shower surface CAYONOPLAN

In the morning for a refreshing start to the day or in the evening as a cleansing conclusion after work, sport or leisure - whenever and however you shower: The CAYONOPLAN is your shower! You can choose from a large number of dimensions, colours and surfaces and create your own individual oasis of well-being.



PURO washbasin

The PURO washbasin made of exquisite steel enamel is another highlight in this bathroom. In connection with the designer lights, the mirror, the high-quality fittings and the high-contrast washbasin furniture, a wonderfully harmonious overall picture is created. The washbasin made of hygienic and sustainable steel enamel not only impresses with its unique design, the PURO is also a practical everyday companion. Thanks to the pore-free, enamelled surface, dirt and bacteria do not stand a chance. 


To the steel enamel material

Colour variations

Be courageous with colour - when it comes to the shower surface, there are exciting design options. You can either adapt your shower surface perfectly to your floor covering or create a great contrast. This is no problem with our elegant colours from the Coordinated Colours Collection. Light as sand, grey as slate and warm as the earth - our colours match perfectly with the natural material steel enamel. This is because they are inspired by nature. 

The Designer Bathroom