Dream bathrooms
The dream of a floor-level shower
Dream bathrooms

The dream of a floor-level shower

Soak up some inspiration from our dream bathrooms and get some ideas for your own!

Enjoy planning!


Regardless of whether you have a lot of space or only a little, two factors are always important in a bathroom: functionality and aesthetic. A stylish and lavish dream bathroom has been created here out of little space, thanks to intelligent design. The dark grey floor and wall tiles provide an attractive stage for our floor-level CONOFLAT shower surface and the CONO wall-hung washbasin, both made of superior steel enamel.


Functionality and aesthetic


The dream of a floor-level shower: the CONOFLAT shower surface is persuasive thanks to its extremely flat design, entirely without steps or edges, and barrier free. The enamelled waste cover also fits seamlessly with the timeless design. The CONOFLAT combines aesthetic with freedom of movement and optimum comfort underfoot – for the best-ever shower experience! The floor-level shower makes the room look bigger while also offering a striking contrast with the bathroom’s anthracite-coloured floor tiles.




Spacious and beautiful. The CONOFLAT shower surface’s elegant design is mirrored in our CONO wall-hung washbasin. But this washbasin is not only a visual bonus for your bathroom. Thanks to the pleasant feel of the material KALDEWEI steel enamel and the ease with which it can be cleaned, daily use of this bathroom is a real pleasure. Do you have hard water? We can offer you our easy-clean finish. And because the material is so robust, you don’t need to worry if you drop something like the soap dispenser into it. With a washbasin made of KALDEWEI steel enamel, you will still be enjoying your bathroom in 30 years’ time.



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Good planning is all-important. With the right room division and prioritisation, any bathroom can be turned into a dream bathroom. Design comes after the room division. Our CONO line with its harmonious shapes works wonderfully in this bathroom. The look is superbly rounded off by the perfectly integrated enamelled waste cover. Beautiful shapes also have an effect on us, similar to a soothing song that we can hear playing quietly and unobtrusively in the background. All the nicer if we are surrounded in our dream bathroom by elements that give us a sense of safety and wellbeing in our most private moments.




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