2. Washbowls

Washbowls - the haute couture of washbasin design

The washbowl is the design element in the bathroom. Experience unique filigree workmanship and exclusive individuality paired with the convincing properties of our KALDEWEI steel enamel.

The washbowl is the design element in the bathroom. Experience unique filigree workmanship and exclusive individuality paired with the convincing properties of our KALDEWEI steel enamel. Whether in the guest bathroom or in the family bathroom: The washbowl is a highlight in every bathroom. The filigree walls of the bowl appear almost airy, floating and give every room a unique lightness. The delicate lines loosen up the bathroom design, but always catch the attention.

"Our KALDEWEI washbowls are the epitome of the combination of filigree and robustness and the best example of what steel enamel can do."

Our KALDEWEI washbowls impress with their unique design with an absolutely individual, delicate and personal touch. At the same time thanks to the material KALDEWEI Steel enamel they are so robust and resistant, that they meet up to every challenge in daily use.


Our new MING washbasin bowl forms the perfect symbiosis of tradition and modern design. With its silhouette inspired by Asian Ming vases, it impresses with a particularly fine design language. The exclusive series is characterised by its narrow edge line and generous interior depth. Whether for a classically simple bathroom or experimental places – the elegance of the new MING bowl leaves room for visions that turn the bathroom into a place of retreat that provides lasting pleasure. Like all of our sustainable bathroom objects, the bowl is manufactured from precious KALDEWEI steel enamel. So it may look beautifully filigree – yet it is extremely resistant and can therefore be enjoyed time and again each day. Thanks to the integrated pearl effect dirt and limescale simply glide away. 


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MIENA round

The MIENA washbowl is an absolute eye-catcher and shows exclusive style in the bathroom. Filigree and aesthetically incomparable, the round version of the MIENA hovers almost above the substructure. In its design language, it conveys individuality and pure harmony. The MIENA bowl was designed by the Designer Anke Salomon and is inspired by the clear, pure lines of nature. MIENA is a great example of what our steel enamel material can achieve. The bowl is not only beautifully filigree, but also extremely robust and suitable for everyday use. And thanks to the integrated pearl effect it is also extremely easy to care for. Now available: Discover the round MIENA bowls in our trend colours. The strong shades of Navyblue Matt, Deep Dream, Sweet Love and Soft Touch were designed exclusively for the timeless design of the MIENA bowl. 


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The angular version of the MIENA bowl impresses with its clear lines and enables a particularly harmonious feeling of space in the bathroom. In addition to the round MIENA bowl the Designer Anke Salomon also designed a square and a rectangular version - inspired by “the best designer in the world: nature itself”. The angular MIENA bowl impresses with its relatively small radii and the square, enamelled waste cover. Its minimalist and exclusive appearance makes it ideal for combining with high-quality fittings. Made of sustainable steel enamel and refined with the pearl effect surface technology it easily withstands the stresses of everyday life. The MIENA bowl makes the washing area a very special highlight.


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The CAYONO bowl is brand new in the KALDEWEI range. It completes our popular CAYONO product family, consisting of the CAYONOPLAN shower surface and the CAYONO bathtub. The CAYONO model family from KALDEWEI represents the economical design solution in the bathroom. Designed for the decoration of modern bathrooms, the CAYONO bowl impresses with its clear lines, which are rounded off by softly curved contours. The special feature of the bowl: With its unique depth, it is not only a wonderful design object, but also ideally suited for everyday use. The delicate walls are afforded an unimagined robustness due to the KALDEWEI steel enamel and can be cleaned extremely well thanks to the spacious radii. The shape of the new CAYONO bowl perfectly complements our existing bowl portfolio.


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