Dramatic presentation or integration – why not both?

Ahlen, March 2016 – These days many clients want a distinctive bathtub but they also want it to integrate harmoniously into the surrounding bathroom architecture. The KALDEWEI Incava made of superb steel enamel is a bathtub which is ideally suited to classic built-in installation, yet has an enormously striking presence in the bathroom thanks to its high rim and the generous corner radii. The KALDEWEI Incava proves that extraordinary design in the bathroom does not require much space because – unlike freestanding bathtubs – it is also ideal for installation in bathrooms of average size.

The Incava bathtub was produced in partnership with the designer, Anke Salomon, and is characterised by its beautifully soft natural lines. The organic flow of the interior space with two back rests lends the bathtub its harmonious, unobtrusive look. Attention to detail is demonstrated in the design of the flat waste cover and overflow, both of which are also made of superior KALDEWEI steel enamel and are discreetly integrated into the bathtub design. A contrast is created by the striking rim which, with a height of 50 millimetres, enfolds the bathtub and frames it like a painting. Thanks to its generous corner radii, the Incava is ideal for installation on tiles or wooden flooring, thus skilfully displaying the bathtub’s extraordinary design.

With the Meisterstück Incava, KALDEWEI offers a freestanding bathtub model that particularly comes into its own in larger bathrooms. The conical lines of the fully enamelled panelling provide an elegant contrast to the gentle interior curves that are a characteristic of this series, turning the bathtub into an unmistakable designer object for the bathroom.

KALDEWEI Silenio by Anke Salomon
The KALDEWEI Silenio product family was also created in partnership with Anke Salomon. The Silenio bathtub is similarly defined by its soft corner radii and natural lines. Its extra acute corner radii and low rim however differentiate it from the Incava, and allow it to be built-in level with tiling. KALDEWEI offers matching washbasins in the same line that are coordinated with the design of the Silenio bathtub. Silenio washbasins and Silenio bathtubs thus merge to produce a perfectly coordinated whole.

Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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The organic interior lines and the two gently curving back rests lend the built-in bathtub its harmonious look which exudes a sense of safety and comfort. The enamelled waste cover and discreet overflow knob perfectly round out the underlying soft shape of the bathtub.

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The striking rim of the Incava is in appealing contrast to its organic lines. Its aesthetic qualities are best displayed when installed on wooden flooring or tiling.

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With the KALDEWEI Silenio product family, bathtub and washbasin can be harmoniously combined. Its exceptionally soft lines make this design series highly persuasive. The flat bathtub rim and the extra acute corner radii are key features of the Silenio bathtub.

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Matching Silenio washbasins also pick up on the organic design of the Silenio bathtub. The lines, flowing in gently from both sides, are an exciting contrast to the steep far side of the washbasin and the spacious surround.

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