KALDEWEI fits out exclusive Lošinj Hotels & Villas

Ahlen, June 2016. – With its breathtaking landscape, the island of Lošinj is one of Croatia’s most beautiful travel destinations. With no fewer than three 5-star hotels nestling in the island’s heavenly Čikat Bay, Lošinj Hotels & Villas are creating the perfect setting for a distinctive and unforgettable stay. The Croatian hotel group is also setting the highest standards in its bathrooms which feature the truly persuasive award-winning designs and unique material properties of bathtubs and floor-level enamelled shower surfaces from KALDEWEI.

The Boutique Hotel Alhambra & Villa Augusta, the Villa Hortensia and the Hotel Bellevue offer the perfect home for every guest. At the Boutique Hotel Alhambra & Villa Augusta, for instance, Belle Epoque charm merges with modern comfort in an atmosphere of absolute privacy, thanks not least to the hotel’s private beach. Owing to its exceptional design and the close attention it pays to the wellbeing of its guests, this boutique hotel numbers among the select group of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. The Villa Hortensia equally offers maximum privacy and exclusivity with eight luxury rooms, its own dining room and living area. The neighbouring Hotel Bellevue has 185 luxuriously apartment rooms and 21 suites. Those who holiday here enjoy direct access to the sea and plenty of pampering, at the spacious spa, for instance, with its own garden.

Exquisite bathroom furnishings “Made in Germany”
With its timelessly aesthetic, premium quality product solutions made of superior KALDEWEI steel enamel, KALDEWEI repeatedly wins over the world’s top international hotels. That is why, in fitting out its hotel bathrooms, Lošinj Hotels & Villas also chose the German premium manufacturer’s shower surfaces and bathtubs. At the Villa Hortensia the KALDEWEI Conoduo bathtub in exclusive city anthracite matt lends the marble bathroom architecture an unostentatious elegance. In the bathrooms of the Boutique Hotel Alhambra & Villa Augusta, guests can look forward to an extra-special highlight: Thanks to the use of a single material and seamless enamelled panelling, the freestanding Conoduo bathtub from KALDEWEI´s Meisterstücke collection is a smoothly monolithic piece of art which meets the very highest standards of design and comfort. Guests of the Hotel Bellevue are also able to enjoy the unique bathing experience offered by a KALDEWEI bathtub: The spacious interior of bathtub Cayono offers even more space for relaxing. All three properties moreover feature enamelled shower surfaces from KALDEWEI, ensuring an exclusively pleasurable shower experience.

Owing to the exceptional properties of steel enamel, KALDEWEI products are ideal for the demanding requirements of hotel life. Enamelled shower surfaces, bathtubs and washbasins made of unique KALDEWEI steel enamel not only meet the very highest aesthetic standards but are also characterised by their unusual longevity, ease of maintenance and cost-effectiveness. In this way KALDEWEI guarantees the satisfaction of both guests and hoteliers.


Lošinj Hotels & Villas – Details
Classification:5 stars
Hotels & Products:Villa Hortensia (7 suites, 1 double room)
Centro Duo bathtub, Conoduo bathtub, enamelled Conoflat shower surface
Boutique Hotel Alhambra & Villa Augusta (36 rooms, 15 suites)
Meisterstück Conoduo, Centro Duo bathtub, enamelled Conoflat shower surface, enamelled Arrondo shower surface
Hotel Bellevue (185 rooms, 21 suites)
Classic Duo bathtub, Centro Duo bathtub, Conoduo bathtub, Cayono bathtub, enamelled Conoflat shower surface, enamelled Superplan shower surface

Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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The Conoduo bathtub in City Anthracite Matt from the exclusive KALDEWEI Coordinated Colours Collection is not only a visually eye-catching feature of the Villa Hortensia’s bathrooms, but also invites hotel guests to enjoy a sublime bathing experience.

Source: © Lošinj Hotels & Villas  |  3_KALDEWEI_Villa_Hortensia

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Thanks to its exclusive design and the use of superior KALDEWEI steel enamel throughout, the freestanding Conoduo Meisterstück is the highlight of the hotel bathrooms at the Boutique Hotel Alhambra & Villa Augusta.

Source: © KALDEWEI  |  6_KALDEWEI_Meisterstueck_Conoduo

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The clean lines and consistent geometry of the classic Cayono bathtub from KALDEWEI allow it to blend harmoniously with the Hotel Bellevue’s modern bathroom architecture.

Source: © Lošinj Hotels & Villas  |  9_KALDEWEI_Hotel_Bellevue