Science Based Target Initiative: KALDEWEI on the way to climate neutrality

KALDEWEI, Ahlen, June 2021 - For the bathroom manufacturer KALDEWEI, sustainability has been a central theme throughout the company’s 100-year history. This is underscored not only by the fight against plastic in the bathroom and the partnership with the environmental protection organization WWF for a pioneering environmental project in Vietnam. KALDEWEI is the first company in the sanitary industry to sign the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi). By doing so, KALDEWEI is joining an initiative that has set itself the task of achieving the goals of the Paris climate protection agreement by defining specific measures. KALDEWEI is adding a new chapter to its sustainable entrepreneurship.

The SBTi is an alliance of global non-profit organisations such as UNGC, CDP, WWF and WRI. The alliance came into being in order to make scientifically based targets (SBT) for reducing greenhouse gas emissions a standard for entrepreneurial activity. The aim is to reduce global emissions by 2030 in such a way that the requirements of the Paris Climate Protection Agreement from 2015 are met. An SBTi certification demonstrates the clear entrepreneurial intention to act in accordance with applicable international law, which means, among other things, to leave a planet worth living in for future generations. 

To date, more than 1,500 companies worldwide have signed their commitment to support the initiative and to comply with firmly agreed CO2 reductions. The basis is the Paris Climate Protection Agreement from 2015, which was signed by 195 countries. The agreement establishes a maximum global warming below 2 degrees, ideally at 1.5 degrees. By signing the agreement, while continuing to increase production output, KALDEWEI commits to reducing absolute emissions for gas, electricity and company vehicles by around 30 % by 2030. In addition, the absolute emissions for purchased goods and services will also be reduced by double digits by 2030. Investments in “green electricity” at the site and further measures for climate protection and transparency in the sense of the pioneering role are currently being examined. The stated goal of the company is to be climate-neutral within the next few years. 
“This is an important step towards sustainable production that recognises the planetary limits and has no alternative. In addition to our commitment to the pollution of the world’s oceans, the reduction of CO2 emissions will be an important driving force for innovation in the company. All processes in the company are put to the test and reassessed”, says CEO Franz KALDEWEI. 


Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested. 

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KALDEWEI is the first sanitary company to sign the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) and is committed to reducing its own CO2 emissions drastically within the next nine years.

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The Science Based Targets (SBTi) initiative is an internationally recognised standard for targeting the reduction of emissions for companies.