Professional bathroom with model dimensions – How Sandra Hunke turned her dream of a private spa into reality with KALDEWEI

KALDEWEI, Ahlen, January 2022 - functionality, sustainability and an unmistakable design – for Sandra Hunke these are the most important factors for sophisticated bathroom design. The system mechanic is currently Germany’s best known tradeswoman. As an internationally sought-after model and influencer with over 70,000 followers on Instagram alone, she inspires a wide audience with her posts and stories. That was also the case with her own building project: This autumn, Sandra Hunke fulfilled a dream and finally renovated her own bathroom – documented with both informative and entertaining photos and videos for social media. Premium products from KALDEWEI made of recyclable steel enamel are the highlights of her new private spa. 

As an experienced system mechanic, Sandra Hunke knows what is important in planning and implementation. She turned her own bathroom completely inside out, restructured, refurbished and furnished the room - and all that on her own after work. The professional tradeswoman took her audience with her to the building site, where night shifts were sometimes also the order of the day. The 29-year-old explains why she prefers to use premium KALDEWEI products made of recyclable steel enamel: “The bathroom should be functional, but at the same time look good and have a recognition factor. Especially with sanitary products, you shouldn’t save on materials. Steel enamel stores the heat and is extremely durable,” explains Sandra. Sustainable steel enamel also impresses with its impact-resistant, scratch-resistant and particularly hygienic properties. 

For her new dream bathroom, Sandra chose the rectangular Miena washbasin with its slender edge and the luxurious Conoduo wellness bathtub. She assembled and installed both of them herself – between jobs modelling and working on customer building sites.
From her point of view, the effort was absolutely worth it: The KALDEWEI Conoduo bathtub with the Skin Touch spa system has turned her bathroom into a real temple of wellness. Skin Touch allows an air-water mixture to flow through the central inlet in the form of micro-fine air bubbles. The oxygen-enriched water becomes particularly fine-pearled and ensures soft skin. This can only be beneficial for a professional model. “After a strenuous day of modelling with a lot of different make-up, the effect is even more noticeable. You really notice how the pores open and the skin recovers,” says the top model, describing the effect. 

But this is by far not all: The bathtub is also equipped with the Sound Wave bathroom audio system. With built-in structure-borne sound converters and Bluetooth technology, the bathtub functions as a sophisticated speaker. Sandra can now hear the songs of her favourite playlist both above and below the water. In addition to the technical sophistication, she personally likes the design and the spaciousness of the Conoduo bathtub, because with 190 x 90 cm there is enough space for two people to bathe. 

Sandra often personally communicates what is important to her in her own bathroom to her customers and recommends products made of steel enamel. “Many don’t even know that steel is one of the best materials for sanitary products. That is a shame, because less sustainable alternatives such as acrylic are often used.” Sandra is sure that she will be able to enjoy the new, sustainable KALDEWEI products in her dream bathroom for a very, very long time.

Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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