The Superplan by KALDEWEI: proven a million times over now has a new look for today’s modern bathrooms.

It is not only the refreshed design that makes the new KALDEWEI Superplan a winner: the key advantage is that it provides floor-level access from two sides. Following the makeover, sharper edges and clean lines take this shower’s modern design to a new level. The installation depth has been optimised as well to max. 25 millimetres – virtually halved compared to its predecessor. Narrow margins throughout create an elegant look and guarantee a lavish standing area for a unique shower experience.

Sustainable, modern and flexible

The KALDEWEI Superplan is made of recyclable steel enamel and thanks to its non-porous glass surface, it’s easy to clean. It effortlessly combines timeless design with quality from natural materials, further enhancing the world of KALDEWEI’s Luxstainability® portfolio. A particularly striking feature of the Superplan is the ultra-precise inner angles, something that demanding homeowners, renovators and architects will appreciate. The angles of the outer corners and edges have been reduced, so the Superplan can be integrated even more easily into an existing tile grid. Equally, tiling right up to the edge of the shower surface is a simple matter. 

The shower is available in standard bathroom colours and the exclusive shades of the Coordinated Colours Collection, maximum flexibility, and huge scope for design is guaranteed. The new Superplan is 100 per cent compatible with all the smart KALDEWEI accessories – from assembly and waste systems to the familiar easy-care and anti-slip finishes. The new Superplan will be available in all 41 sizes by autumn.


Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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KALDEWEI has given its classic Superplan a makeover. Sharp edges, tight angles and clean lines give the shower an up-to-the-minute look and floor-level access from two sides is a major plus as well.


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Following its makeover, sharper edges and clean lines take this shower’s modern design to a new level – pleasing demanding home owners, renovators and architects alike.

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