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Ahlen, March 2017.

In future all washbasins and selected bathtubs will also be available in shades from the Coordinated Colours Collection

The bathroom is increasingly becoming a space where many people seek regeneration and pleasurable relaxation. This can be achieved particularly well where a...


Ahlen, March 2017.

A new designer partnership has been launched: Studio Aisslinger is producing two design studies in filigree steel enamel for KALDEWEI

KALDEWEI’s longstanding collaboration with respected design firms such as Sottsass Associati and design greats such as Arik Levy and Anke Salomon...


Ahlen, March 2017.

New diversity of shapes and colours sets standards for the industry

New shapes, new colours and new designs: by consistently expanding its range with almost 80 new washbasin models and versions, KALDEWEI is setting groundbreaking trends for the entire bathroom industry. The...


Ahlen, March 2017.

New design icons also available in matt shades of the Coordinated Colours Collection

With the new Miena washbasin bowls made of superior steel enamel KALDEWEI presents yet another highlight of modern bathroom design. The washbasins made with a single layer of steel enamel...


Ahlen, October 2016.

My house, my car, my bathroom: why washbasins made of KALDEWEI steel enamel create a new sense of value

Today personal luxury is no longer just about ostentatious status symbols such as a fast car or an exclusive trip. The home is increasingly becoming a place where people...


Ahlen, June 2016.

KALDEWEI offers three clever solutions for small bathrooms

According to the Vereinigung Deutsche Sanitärwirtschaft e.V. (German bathroom manufacturers’ association), the average bathroom in Germany measures less than eight square metres. Urban bathrooms are often even more...

Ahlen, March 2016.

Logical expansion of KALDEWEI series after successful launch

At the SHK Essen/IFH in Nuremberg, KALDEWEI will present new versions of its washbasin series. The world premiere of the new washbasins made of KALDEWEI steel enamel last year was met with excitement and enthusiasm by...

Ahlen, March 2016.

Built-in KALDEWEI Incava bathtub creates designer look but saves on space

These days many clients want a distinctive bathtub but they also want it to integrate harmoniously into the surrounding bathroom architecture. The KALDEWEI Incava made of superb steel enamel is a bathtub...

Ahlen, January 2016.

KALDEWEI bathroom products answer the desire for independence and autonomy regardless of age

From a young family with children to an elderly couple – each stage of life and every person has their own individual needs. Builders and modernisers therefore are well advised to mind...

Ahlen, October 2015.

Puro, Cono and Centro washbasins win prestigious design award

Premium manufacturer KALDEWEI has been honoured once more for its new washbasin segment, winning the prestigious German Design Award 2016. An impressive three KALDEWEI washbasin series were awarded a “Special...