Freestanding bathtubs

Free-standing bathtubs

A freestanding bathtub as a statement piece in the bathroom typically relies on space for full effect. So when you have the luxury of space, you are to sure to find inspiration in our KALDEWEI MEISTERSTÜCKE collection. Masterfully crafted in superior KALDEWEI steel enamel, each of our masterpieces makes for a stunning design feature that would do credit to any gallery. What's more, a bathtub with access from any side is the epitome of relaxation.

Free-standing bathtubs are the latest trend. Free-standing bathtubs are the epitome of flexible bathroom design, especially for those who love design. Freely positionable, freely accessible, free choice of colours – this is how a bathroom becomes an eye-catcher. At KALDEWEI there are two versions of free-standing bathtubs: free-standing bathtubs with panelling and our MEISTERSTÜCK bathtubs.

No matter which variant you are interested in – the free-standing bathtubs are the embodiment of extraordinary design in the bathroom. With the new free-standing bathtubs from KALDEWEI, we are now making wellness even more unique, even more individual, even more suitable for everyday use. Experience our free-standing bathtub models in various trend colours with stylish bath panelling. You will see: These bathtubs shape a new understanding of time out of everyday life, time for yourself and pure bathing pleasure.

Free-standing bathtubs

Bathtubs with panelling – the must-have for trend setters



Fully enamelled luxury with a perfect design

Free-standing bathtubs with panelling

Design your dream bathroom with the ultimate spa effect

A large part of the relaxation and wellbeing in a spa is made up of the look, the generosity of the room design. Aesthetics take the place of pure practicality. This is exactly the approach of our new bathtub models: the realignment of aesthetic bathroom design, which focuses on the pure moment of well-being, which the classic free-standing bathtub has always enjoyed, enriched by ultra-modern bathtub design that leaves room for completely new possibilities. We introduce you to our three free-standing bathtubs with panelling. With the introduction of this bathtub segment, we are expanding our previous KALDEWEI portfolio with exciting bi-colour variants and, in addition to our fully enamelled MEISTERSTÜCK bathtubs, we are also able to offer free-standing, trend setting bathtubs in a class of their own as design elements for everyday wellness experiences.


The perfect free-standing bathtub for two

Our free-standing bathtubs are characterised by their generous depth between 43 cm and 46.5 cm. The two identical backrests and the centrally-positioned waste outlet ensure that two people can enjoy extremely enjoyable and comfortable bathing. The absolute must-have for relaxation!

Make your dream bathroom a reality with the free-standing baths CLASSIC DUO OVAL FREE-STANDING, CONODUO FREE-STANDING and ELLIPSO DUO OVAL FREE-STANDING. The trend-setting panelling allows the bathtub to be placed anywhere in the room. In the four different versions in black, black matt, alpine white or alpine white matt, the panelling stages the bathtub perfectly and gives the classic elegance of the free-standing bathtub a puristic design. It makes the very best impression from all sides, because the robust panelling is made of polyurethane. That means there are no seams ... and it is completely recyclable. The inlays are made of high-quality and sustainable steel enamel. Optionally, their surface can be finished with the KALDEWEI Pearl effect as well as our anti-slip surfaces Anti-slip and Full anti-slip.


Bi-colour bathtubs: the trend in the modern bathroom

Our panelled free-standing bathtubs reflect to perfection the current paradigm shift in bathtub design from single-colour to bi-colour. The inlays are available in different colour shades* of our new COORDINATED COLOURS COLLECTION and can therefore be perfectly combined with the current tile trends. The strong bathtub colours create an exciting contrast to the panelling of the free-standing bathtub, which is available in white, matt alpine white, black and matt black.

*(see colour overview price list)


Our new CLASSIC DUO OVAL FREE-STANDING is characterised by pure simplicity and unpretentious elegance. The oval, caressing basic shape enables an ideal and comfortable lying position when bathing.


Experience the free-standing, panelled bathtub in the classic square version. The geometric design of the CONODUO FREE-STANDING makes an impact on its characteristic, distinctive shape.


Our ELLIPSO DUO OVAL FREE-STANDING is particularly luxurious and comfortable. Its soft, elliptical inner shape conveys a feeling of security when bathing.



Fully enamelled free-standing bathtubs in perfection


Our KALDEWEI MEISTERSTÜCK bathtubs are the exclusive product line for fully enamelled bathtubs in a class of their own. With these perfectly shaped design pieces, characterised by sensual elegance, you get fascinating bathroom objects that would honour any gallery, masterfully framed in precious KALDEWEI steel enamel.


Experience MEISTERSTÜCK bathtubs now


Frequently asked questions
on the subject of “free-standing bathtubs”

Free-standing bathtubs with panelling?

A bathtub with panelling offers impressive advantages. The panelling, which is perfectly matched to the tubs, is perfectly adapted to the shape of the respective model and enables the bathtub to be positioned anywhere in the bathroom. In addition, the panelling gives you the option of designing your bathtub in two colours. Thanks to the colour combination options, modern design can be brought to life in the room.


What should you watch out for when buying a free-standing bathtub?

Most importantly, when buying a free-standing bathtub, you need to ensure that there is enough space to place the bathtub. A free-standing bathtub needs space. Firstly, to come into its own (after all, it would be a shame not to exploit the effect of your new design object fully). Secondly, so that the external tap fittings can be attached if necessary.


What shape do free-standing bathtubs have?

Free-standing bathtubs are available in many different shapes. Bathtub shapes that allow optimum placement in the room and at the same time a perfect lying position when bathing are ideal. Our free-standing bathtubs are optimised for this. Free-standing bathtub models from KALDEWEI are available in oval, rectangular and elliptical shapes.


Are free-standing bathtubs comfortable?

Quite simply: yes! The position of the waste is particularly important and decisive for this. This is ideally placed in the middle so that it does not interfere with bathing. The inclination of the back rests is also important. Will two of you be bathing? Then be sure to choose a model with two identical back rests.


How expensive is a free-standing bathtub?

Free-standing bathtubs are always more expensive than built-in models. What makes a free-standing bathtub so special is its high-quality appearance. You choose an absolute highlight in the bathroom that will attract everyone’s attention.


Which material is the best for free-standing bathtubs?

Without a doubt: KALDEWEI steel enamel. It is particularly robust, scratch and fire resistant. A candle on the edge of the tub? No problem. A drop of nail polish? It doesn’t matter. At the same time, the material is also particularly easy to clean, looks stunning and is also sustainable.


Which tap best suits a free-standing bathtub?

The perfect tap for a free-standing bathtub is a floor-standing bathtub fitting. It is placed next to the bathtub, its elegant style fits perfectly with the free-standing bathtub and enriches your bathing area with even more exclusivity and an ambience of wellness.


How big is a free-standing bathtub?

Free-standing bathtubs are available in different sizes. Our KALDEWEI models are available in lengths from 1.70 m to 2 m and in widths from 75 cm to 1 m, so everyone will be able to find the perfect size for their free-standing dream bathtub.



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