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Water inlet and waste



  • Continuously adjustable
  • Water level can be increased by up to 50 mm for more comfortable bathing
  • With integrated filling function
  • Suitable for almost all KALDEWEI bathtub models
  • Complete with fitting
  • Suitable for TURBO WHIRL only
  • Suitable for KALDEWEI bathtubs only
  • Not available for VAIO
  • Drainage capacity based on DIN EN 274

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Special waste and overflow fitting

  • High-quality fitting with enamelled waste cover and enamelled overflow knob
  • Integrates harmoniously and elegantly in the bathtub
  • Overflow in minimalist design – now even flatter
  • Also available with integrated filling function
  • Min. drainage capacity of 0.8 l/s acc. to DIN EN 274
    Fill fitting connection 1/2

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